PUSO® PVC DOOR made by polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is an excellent material choice for your bathroom. PVC doors may look like painted wooden doors and many other motifs, but without the maintenance required as in regular wooden doors.

Product Specification

Door Board:
1. 60 x 190 cm (Width x Length)
2. 60 x 200 cm
3. 60 x 210 cm
4. 70 x 200 cm
5. 70 x 210 cm


Choice of Colors: Blue, Pink, Green, White, Beige, Beige with wood pattern screen printing, Grey, Gray with wood pattern screen printing, Brown, Brown with wood pattern screen printing


Door Profile
Length: 465cm and 510cm
Width: 10cm
Height: 4cm



The advantages of PUSO® PVC DOOR: Weather and rust resistant, Termite resistant, Easy to install, Many choices of colors, patterns, and sizes, No need to repaint for years, Does not shrink or expand like wood.

PUSO® PVC Door Profile

Color Option : Blue, Green, Pink, Black, White, Cream, Brown