Cast Acrylic Sheet


Cast Acrylic Sheet MC® is the brand name of the general purpose cell cast acrylic sheets manufactured by PT Margacipta Wirasentosa. The raw material, methyl methacrylate (MMA) is polymerized into MC® cast acrylic sheet. Marga Cipta Cast Acrylic Sheet is produced in batches between two sheets of superior quality glass. The finished product offers strength and superior top qualities not available in other types of acrylic sheet.

Product Specification

Product Specification

The MC® Value Proposition

  1. Resilient, Easy to Handle and Fabricate
  2. Superior Optical Quality
  3. High End Raw Material Only – No Re-Grind or Recycled Raw Material
  4. Strict compliance with ASTM D-4802 & L-P-391D Standards
  5. Superior Thickness Tolerance Achieved Through Proprietary Production Procedures
  6. various masking options, such as : Heat Thermoformable PE and Paper Masking.
  7. Protective Palletizing and Bracing method.

Colors and Pattern

Sheets available in: (buat sub produk)

  1. clear
  2. opal
  3. opaque/ transparent color
  4. tint/ ray ban/translucent
  5. matt/ satin/ frosted
  6. fluorescent/ spotlight
  7. If the sizes/ thicknesses above do not meet your criteria, please inform us as we may be able to custom make them.


Cast Acrylic Sheet Chemical Features
(Resistant Properties to Chemical Agents)

Sulfuric Acid 60°C Stable to 60%
Hydrochloric Acid 60°C Stable to 30%
Nitric Acid 60°C Stable to 20%
Caustic Soda 60°C Stable to 50%
Aqueous Ammonia 60°C Stable to 18%
Acetic Acid 60°C Dissolve
Ethyl Acetate Dissolve
Toluene Dissolve
Ethylene Dichloride Dissolve
Benzene Dissolve
Methyl Alcohol Dissolve
Diemethyl Formamide Dissolve
Acetone Dissolve
Aniline Dissolve

Average Physical Properties

Properties Unit  
Specific Gravity . 1.19
Hardness . HNC – 96
Water Absorption % 0.35
Tensile Strength:
Tensile strength at yield
Tensile strength of break
Tensile modulus
Elongation at break
Bending Strength:
Flexural Strength
Flexural Modulus
Impact Strength Kg/cm² 1.1
Shear Strength Kg/cm² 600 – 650
Full rays
Parallel rays
HAZE= 0.27
Specific Heat Cal/g/°C 0.35
 Heat Distortion Temperature (4.6kg/cm) °C 100
 Coefficient of Heat Conductivity Cal/s.cm² 4.5 X 10-4
 Coefficient of Linear Expansion Cm/cm/°C 6.5 X 10-5
 Ultimate Temperature of Continuous Operation °C 60 – 90
 Flammability Mm/min 33
 Surface Resistivity at 28°C Ohm >1016
 Volume Resistivity Ohm cm > 10-15
 Thermoforming Ranges °C 140 – 180
 Dielectric Strength Kv/Mm 20


MC® Cast Acrylic Sheet - Clear

Product Specification

MC® Cast Acrylic Sheet – Clear one of Marga cipta Acrylic Sheet. Clear cast acrylic is transparent acrylic who has high clarity and transparency, which makes it a popular choice for applications such as windows, skylights and protective barriers.

MC® Cast Acrylic Sheet – Clear area lightweight, easy to cut cast acrylic for laser cutting, and can be easily formed or bent to suit a variety of needs. And also very durable, resistant to weathering, and has excellent UV resistance which makes it suitable for outdoor use. And it has a good impact resistance and can withstand a wide range of temperatures