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FESPA Global Print Expo returns to Amsterdam, The Netherlands next spring 2024 During 19-22 March, Europe’s leading print and signage exhibition attracts the worlds leaders in the industry to showcase their latest technology and developments. We look forward to welcoming you in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 19-22 March 2024! Visit our booth Hall 2 stand D26

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EMCO Rocks the EZ8 Fabricator’s Formulations

March 6, 2019March 25, 2019 mcwsi


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Are You Missing Out?



PT MARAGACIPTA launched its EZ8 Fabricators Formulation three years ago this month and EMCO Plastics, a specialty N.J. fabricator was one of the first to give it a trial.


“We were skeptical at first even though we got good results with the sample. We fell in love with the full size sheet as soon as it hit the shop and have been using it since. Can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t use this formulation”, says Sean Ljoi, Emco’s Production Manager.


Fabrication managers are reporting 25% shorter welding times, even on difficult to weld 3/8″ + thicknesses. Thermoformers tell us the formulation is easier to work with, without sacrificing any optical brilliance.


“Margacipta took the time to understand our business and production model. The EZ8 product was the right recommendation from a great company to work with”, Henry Hrbek, Purchasing Manager.


Want more information about how EZ8 can improve your bottom line? We are here to help!



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Introduction to Margacipta Cast Acrylic Sheet Factory

Introduction to Margacipta Cast Acrylic Sheet Factory

Margacipta is a leading manufacturer of cast acrylic sheets, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of professionals, Margacipta has established itself as a trusted supplier in the industry.

Manufacturing Process at Margacipta

At Margacipta, the manufacturing process begins with the careful selection of raw materials. Only the highest quality methyl methacrylate (MMA) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) pellets are used, ensuring superior performance and durability.

Advantages of Margacipta Cast Acrylic Sheets

Margacipta cast acrylic sheets offer numerous advantages over other materials. Their exceptional clarity, scratch resistance, and UV stability make them ideal for a wide range of applications. Additionally, Margacipta's commitment to environmental consciousness ensures that its products are not only high-quality but also sustainable.

Applications of Margacipta Cast Acrylic Sheets

Margacipta cast acrylic sheets are used in various industries, including architectural glazing, signage and displays, and the automotive industry. Their versatility and aesthetic appeal make them a popular choice for designers and manufacturers seeking reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Challenges Faced by Margacipta

Despite its success, Margacipta faces challenges such as market competition, rapid technological advancements, and fluctuations in raw material sourcing. However, with its dedication to innovation and continuous improvement, Margacipta is well-positioned to overcome these challenges and thrive in the industry.

Future Prospects of Margacipta

The future looks promising for Margacipta, with growing demand for high-quality cast acrylic sheets worldwide. As the industry evolves and new opportunities emerge, Margacipta remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of its customers and contribute to sustainable development.


In conclusion, Margacipta is a leading manufacturer of cast acrylic sheets, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. With its advanced manufacturing processes, superior products, and dedication to environmental consciousness, Margacipta is poised for continued success in the years to come.


Thank you for Joining our Booth at FESPA

We had amazing week in FESPA Global Print & European Signs Expo Messe München. We were so excited to showcase our latest products and services, discussing face to face with you during the Fespa Event.

Thank you for joining our booth, we really appreciate your support and look forward to growing together with Marga Cipta family. Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch an unserem Stand, See you in the next year!


Let’s Do Something BIG!

PT MARGACIPTA is planning something BIG for 2019 – we want you in on it.




We anticipate a stable MMA market in 2019 and competitive pricing.

That means distributors, fabricators and sign industry specialists will be able to focus on what they do best – Grow Market Share!


Time to revisit our standard sizes available up to 2” with standard whites and blacks up to 1¼”.


Check out our oversize and specialty dimensions for increased yields and special applications:


Th .118″-5/8″
51.2” x 122” (43.38 sqft)
80” x 120” (66.64 sqft)
51.18” x 100” (35.54 sqft)
74” x 98” (50.38 sqft)
62” x 98” (42.34 sqft)Th .060″-5/8″
39.4″ x 78.8″ (21.53 sqft)
37.4″ x 72.8″ (18.90 sqft)Th .080”-5/8”
53.2” x 78.8” (29.025 sqft)
60.6” x 60.6” (25.50 sqft)
64.6 x 64.6” (28.98 sqft)
74 x 74” (38.03 sqft)

Your 2019 resolution – this will be your year to do something BIG!


Take advantage of our great customer service, oversize and specialty dimensions and bring in new business.

Contact Us or Your Account Rep for More Details and Pricing 



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