Create The Perfect Barrier Gate With Cast Acrylic Sheet


Are you looking for a new, unique, and attractive barrier gate? Our MC® Cast Acrylic Sheet is the solution. 

MC® Cast Acrylic Sheet are a high-quality acrylic sheet that is designed to be used as a barrier gate. The MC® Cast Acrylic Sheet is made from high-quality material, making it durable and lightweight. It is 100% safer than glass and impact resistant.


The MC® Cast Acrylic Sheet has various colors and blocks that you can choose from when designing your barrier gate.  Our products have been used in many industries such as hotels, offices, hospitals, and schools and many more.

Features :

  • Lightweight yet strong and  easy to install
  • 100% safer than a glass
  • impact resistant
  • shatterproof
  • anti scratch
  • no maintenance required
  • long lasting durability
  • easy to clean
  • can withstand any weather condition without cracking or fading color
  • no need for maintenance at all
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


Create the perfect barrier gate with Cast Acrylic Sheet by Marga Cipta!

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News Release

The Global Roller Coaster – Closed for the Season?

May 10, 2019May 11, 2019 mcwsi


Are the days of monthly acrylic price creep behind us? Are we entering a period of regular price drops? Will price stability level the playing field and reduce the risks of pricing shenanigans? Here we are, one year after our 2018 Global MMA Roller Coaster assessment considering the impact of a reverse pricing trajectory that is challenging purchasing and marketing managers throughout the supply chain.


MMA prices (methyl methacrylate, the raw material used to produce a wide range of products distributed by IAPD members) have declined about 25% since their 2018 peak levels. Some distributors are enjoying richer profit margins while others are losing market share to aggressive players betting the decline will continue.


In short, soft demand, over supply of MMA and the possible threat of trade war tariffs at most levels of the supply chain have played a part in the current trends. Since the 1st Qtr ’19, prices in China have not decreased further indicating some stability. The South East Asian markets, however, continue to show weakness that point to further declines. In fact, we anticipate another price drop in May as South East Asian MMA demand is still oversupplied.


While stocks and output seem to have completed the needed adjustments during the 1st Qtr, the overall softer market does not warrant any price rebound. Any further price drops should not reach the magnitude of the previous quarter. We have probably hit bottom and any China price increase will be offset by other markets.


In the U.S., fires at some Lucite tanks will disrupt domestic supply. The same situation is affecting Brazil. Once those suppliers replenish, and barring any further unforeseen events, prices should remain level through the end of the year.


MARGACIPTA, Asia’s largest cell cast manufacturer, closely monitors MMA prices on a regular basis in order to provide our clients with the latest pricing data. Keep in touch with us or your sales reps as you manage your inventory positions and make smarter purchasing and marketing decisions possible.


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MARGA CIPTA is announce the addition of Pantone's 2023

From the vibrant and bold, to the classic and traditional, color has the power to evoke an emotional response. MARGA CIPTA has been a leader in providing our customers with the highest quality cast acrylic sheet products. We are pleased to announce the addition of Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta 18-1750.

Viva Magenta will be perfect for a variety of applications, from color-coding locations and items to make the most of your space. We encourage you to explore all of our acrylic products.

Fabricators, designers, architects and retail clients expect consistency and quality and Marga Cipta's high optical quality acrylic product, great customer service and a responsive production team is your perfect supplier partner.

For more info contact us or your account rep for more details and current prices

The Best Cast Acrylic Sheet

Before discussing the best acrylic sheet products, let's get to know a little about acrylic sheet. Acrylic sheet is a sheet made of acrylic material, which is very similar to glass. This material has greater strength than glass, but remains transparent like glass. Therefore, acrylic sheets are very popular for various purposes, such as making vitrine, display, and also for decoration purposes.

Then, what makes acrylic sheet from Marga Cipta the best among other products? Here are some of the advantages of Marga Cipta acrylic sheets:

1. Best Quality

Marga Cipta acrylic sheet or MC® acrylic sheet has the best quality in its class. The material used is pure acrylic, which provides greater strength as well as a clearer appearance.

 2. Available in Various Sizes

Marga Cipta acrylic sheet is available in various sizes, from small to large. This allows you to use this MC® acrylic sheet for a variety of purposes, from small ones such as making displays to large ones such as making showcases.

3. Easy to Shape

Marga Cipta acrylic sheet is very easy to shape according to your needs. This material can be cut, forged, and also bent without worrying about breaking or cracking.

4. Anti-UV

MC® acrylic sheet is also equipped with anti-UV technology. MC acrylic products use UV Stabilizers and Weathering Tests have been carried out using International Standard Weathering Machines. So that MC acrylic products are resistant to sunlight and also durable.

5. Easy to Find

Marga Cipta acrylic sheet products are very easy to find in acrylic, material and building materials stores. You can also buy this product online through our distributors or through trusted online stores.

Of the various advantages possessed by Marga Cipta acrylic sheet, it's no wonder that this product is the best among other products. In addition, the price offered by Marga Cipta is also very competitive with the quality provided.

If you want to use acrylic sheets for your various needs, there's nothing wrong with choosing Marga Cipta acrylic sheet products as the best choice. With the best quality, easy to shape, and also durable, this product will be the right choice for your needs.

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EMCO Rocks the EZ8 Fabricator’s Formulations

March 6, 2019March 25, 2019 mcwsi


Products provided by Emco Plastics


Are You Missing Out?



PT MARAGACIPTA launched its EZ8 Fabricators Formulation three years ago this month and EMCO Plastics, a specialty N.J. fabricator was one of the first to give it a trial.


“We were skeptical at first even though we got good results with the sample. We fell in love with the full size sheet as soon as it hit the shop and have been using it since. Can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t use this formulation”, says Sean Ljoi, Emco’s Production Manager.


Fabrication managers are reporting 25% shorter welding times, even on difficult to weld 3/8″ + thicknesses. Thermoformers tell us the formulation is easier to work with, without sacrificing any optical brilliance.


“Margacipta took the time to understand our business and production model. The EZ8 product was the right recommendation from a great company to work with”, Henry Hrbek, Purchasing Manager.


Want more information about how EZ8 can improve your bottom line? We are here to help!



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